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Dream BIG Beautiful!


When you think about the woman you want to become does it scare you a bit? Like your dreams are a bit too big to achieve? I, too, felt like this before I got over my BS!

When I was younger I had BIG dreams, dreams of travel, adventure, success. I held myself back from going after these dreams for a long time because I didn’t feel like I deserved them or would ever accomplish them and that is RIDICULOUS! You should never shy away from your dreams because you don’t feel good enough!

Let’s get very clear on why you may be having these thoughts and what you can do about it!

FEAR– FEAR simply means FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. You are SCARED you will fail, you constantly fill your head with WHAT IFS? You think you’re not SMART enough, you think other people are already doing it and WHY would anybody listen to you, you wonder what other people will think, etc, etc.. We could come up with 100 things if we wanted. Let’s instead focus on WHY it will work out, there’s only one YOU and even though there are a million people in the world all doing the same things, only you bring a unique quality and spin to your brand because you are you. So, let your SOUL shine through!

Here’s an exercise that can help you take a look at some of your fears, write out your fears on one side of the paper and for each fear write out a positive outcome that could happen instead.

Self- Limiting Beliefs– We often put caps on our dreams and most of the time it’s out of fear, fear of failure and fear of success. So because we are fearful we BELIEVE things that aren’t true. “I can’t start a business, there are so many other people doing the same thing I’m bound to fail,” “I could never be that fit,” “I could never inspire anyone else” and we keep telling ourselves these things to stay comfortable and not have to experience the uncomfortability of being in a new situation and putting yourself out there.

Exercise time! Write down some of your self-limiting beliefs and what they are holding you back from accomplishing then write down and affirmation you could tell yourself instead.

Ex. I could never life the life I want. Affirmation: I am in control of my destiny and can live any life I choose!

Negative Self-talk– After the fear and self-limiting beliefs cripple us we then start telling ourselves all the reason things won’t work for us. “That’s not for me,” “I would never succeed so I won’t even try.” It’s all such CRAP! Get out of your own head and start believing YOU are beautiful, awesome, smart, and can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to! I believe in you and want to see you live a life you are wildly obsessed about!


Keep Shining,


Get out of your own way!


Growing up I was a very average kid, well… lets be real, below average. I grew up in a divorced home and really had no guidance when it came to school and pushing myself academically. At one point in high school I had a GPA of 1.35, I STRUGGLED! And I didn’t care because I didn’t think I would amount to anything. I didn’t have any cheerleaders in my corner telling me I could be anything I wanted to be or that I needed to go to college, but somehow I knew I was destined for greater things and slowly I have been checking dreams off my  list of life goals.

For many years I carried around stories that I wasn’t good enough, that nothing I ever accomplished in my life would make me successful, that I would never fulfill my dreams because they were too BIG, that the lifestyle I wanted to achieve was out of my reach. BUT, you know what?? I wised up and took charge of my life. I stopped playing the victim and instead started doing personal development and getting very curious about my beliefs and what was holding me back and you can too. I took CHARGE of my life and what I wanted. And you know what happened when I did that? My dreams and goals started falling into place.

Travel to Europe- Check

Move to Seattle- Check

Start a business- Check

Write a book!- In the process

Whatever you put out into the universe you will get back. If you’re constantly putting out negative energy and telling yourself you won’t accomplish x,y,z well guess what? You won’t! But, if you start telling yourself you are enough, you are worth it, and get clear on your goals you will accomplish anything you set your mind to.

So what are you waiting for??! Are you going to get out there today and make something happen or are you going to keep letting life happen to you?

5 Tips for Personal Growth


1. Get out of your comfort zone

Change and growth happen outside our comfort zone and we shouldn’t let fear of the unknown hold us back in life. Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish in life and start checking them off! When I made the decision to move to Seattle from Southern California I was so scared! I had always wanted to move and decided to go with it when the opportunity presented itself, but there was a lot of fear based thinking I had to overcome. You know the Nike saying ‘Just Do It’? Apply that to your life! When we start putting too much thought into the things that scare us, it’s really easy to talk yourself out of it.

2. Stop saying “ I can’t”

Along with getting outside of your comfort zone eliminate the phrase “I can’t” from your vocabulary. Why can’t you? What is holding you back? Really start focusing on what you can do and having an attitude of gratitude for the opportunities that come your way.

3. Break through self-limiting beliefs

Sometimes we don’t even realize the self-limiting beliefs we carry around and we all have them, but learning how to overcome these beliefs can really open you up to a life of opportunity and living up to your full potential. Do you want to start a business, but think to yourself you’ll never be able to do that? Do you want to get a rockin’ body, but tell yourself that will never be me? What I can tell you is what you think is what will be. Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. Really start paying attention to these thoughts you have and start turning them into positives and I can’s.

4. Be positive

So that brings me to step 4 which is to be POSITIVE! When we live a life of negativity it is hard to see the good around us, but when we’re positive and grateful we tend to focus on all the good around us. I recommend starting a gratitude journal. This can be as simple as listing 3 things each day that you’re grateful for. Having this mindset each day will bring about more things to be grateful for!

5. Say YES

Lastly, say YES! We are presented with opportunities all the time and the more opportunities we say yes to, the more doors will open. Asked on a date, YES! Presented with a networking experience, YES! Lunch with a potential client, YES! Now, don’t get this confused with being a pushover and a people pleaser. This is about saying yes to opportunities that feel outside your comfort zone and maybe give you a little anxiety. These are opportunities for personal growth and that’s always a good thing.