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Daily Rituals that Keep me Sane!

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Most days I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I do have a few rituals I like to practice each day to keep me centered so I don’t get super stressed and worn out. When I take care of myself and interject me time in my day I notice I’m calmer, less reactive, and happier. The days when I don’t do my rituals I feel frazzled, disconnected from the universe, and can be a real b*tch if I’m being honest! Nobody wants to be around a crazy frazzled person.

Here are the things I do every day. I try to do everything, but life happens so sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

  1. A couple mornings a week I get up before everyone else and have some me time. This includes working out and maybe some meditation or journaling if I can fit it in. I’d love to do this every day, but most of the time sleep wins! I’m ok with that though because I’ve learned to listen to my body and know that if I’m super groggy and tired I’ll be better off getting the extra couple hours of sleep.
  2. If I don’t exercise in the morning I fit it in later in the day. I don’t have any sort of routine and will listen to what my body wants. Typically I go for a walk or run around the lake, complete a BBG (Bikini Body Guides) workout, or go to the gym for some cardio.
  3. Meditate. I meditate a few times a week to quiet and calm my mind. It helps me pause and take a break from all the information I’m taking in throughout the day. I don’t follow any particular meditations, I typically do whatever feels good that day. In the morning I always try to do a visualization meditation where I focus on what I want my life to look like in a year. It really helps me get clear on what I’m working towards. Other times I’ll simply repeat a mantra or affirmation.
  4. I journal every day about whatever is coming up in the moment. Sometimes I have a lot to say and sometimes it’s a few sentences. Writing has always helped me process situations and things going on in my life and has given me insight into feelings I didn’t even know I was having. A few times a week I also write a list of what I’m grateful for and a list of my desires. I would like to do this every day, but life happens and I’m ok with a few times a week.

So, what are the rituals do you have in place for yourself each day? It’s easy to take care of everyone around you without stopping to think about yourself, but it’s sooooo necessary to come up with a few self-love practices every day so you can be at your best. I’ve even found that it’s hard for some women to come up with things they enjoy doing so if that’s you that’s ok too! Start by noticing the things you like during the day and don’t be afraid to try something new either.

5 Simple Steps to Starting a Business When you Have a Baby and Little to No Sleep

 5 simple steps

When I started my business last year I had a 6 month old and I was TIRED!

You know how it is when you have a baby, no time for yourself, not getting much sleep, you’re still trying to figure out who you are again, plus figuring out how to be a parent, there’s a lot of crap going on!

Not the ideal situation to build a business right?! But, I did it and so can you!

Here’s how I kept it together, managed to build a solid business, keep my sanity, and rock it as a mom!

These steps are all super easy to work through each day over 20-30 min. Nap time worked perfect for me. I find that journaling is a great tool to get started.

  1. I took time for myself EVERY DAY

You have got to do this for yourself and for your family. I don’t care what you do, but you need to have some alone time to collect your thoughts, reenergize, and feel refreshed. You will be better for it, I promise. The better you feel, the better you will be for your family. Plus, you are setting a good example for your kids and showing them that it’s important to take care of your needs and take time for yourself. Not only is this good for your family, but you also need to be in the right frame of mind for your business.

2. Know your ideal client like the back of your hand

You absolutely need to know your client like they are your best friend. Are they male or female? Age? Married? Single? Where do they hang out? What do they do for work? Where do they shop? What do they struggle with? Make sure you know it all!

3. WHY do you do what you do?

What makes you want to work with the people you work with? Why do you get excited to work with them? How do you help them? What makes you unique? Authenticity is way more important than being perfect. People want to see the true you and your passion for the work you do. When you lead with your why you will find the people that believe in you and your message.

4. Boundaries

I decided from the beginning how many days I wanted to work and how many hours I wanted to work and I stuck to that. What does your ideal schedule look like? It can be tempting to work with clients outside of your set schedule to make extra money, but if you stick to your boundaries you will find that people will work within your schedule if they want to work with you. Don’t worry about losing clients or worrying about people not wanting to work with you. Know your worth and if you know your worth other people will too.

5. Money

Now that you’ve figured out your ideal client and schedule how much money do you need to make each month to live your lifestyle? What does that look like for you? How much will you charge an hour? Can you create packages for your work or a course to leverage your time? Take all these things into consideration. And also don’t be afraid to dream! Would you like to make extra money each month to contribute to savings? Maybe you want to earn more money so you can go shopping! What is your budget for your car, food, etc? Write it all out and have a budget budget and then write out a budget that you’re working toward! Maybe it includes a housekeeper, money for expensive food from Whole Foods, extra money for a vacation.

Once you complete all these tasks you’re well on your way to creating a biz you love! Success won’t happen over night, but if you consistently put time and effort into growing your empire you will succeed. It’s only a matter of time!