Growing up I was a very average kid, well… lets be real, below average. I grew up in a divorced home and really had no guidance when it came to school and pushing myself academically. At one point in high school I had a GPA of 1.35, I STRUGGLED! And I didn’t care because I didn’t think I would amount to anything. I didn’t have any cheerleaders in my corner telling me I could be anything I wanted to be or that I needed to go to college, but somehow I knew I was destined for greater things and slowly I have been checking dreams off my  list of life goals.

For many years I carried around stories that I wasn’t good enough, that nothing I ever accomplished in my life would make me successful, that I would never fulfill my dreams because they were too BIG, that the lifestyle I wanted to achieve was out of my reach. BUT, you know what?? I wised up and took charge of my life. I stopped playing the victim and instead started doing personal development and getting very curious about my beliefs and what was holding me back and you can too. I took CHARGE of my life and what I wanted. And you know what happened when I did that? My dreams and goals started falling into place.

Travel to Europe- Check

Move to Seattle- Check

Start a business- Check

Write a book!- In the process

Whatever you put out into the universe you will get back. If you’re constantly putting out negative energy and telling yourself you won’t accomplish x,y,z well guess what? You won’t! But, if you start telling yourself you are enough, you are worth it, and get clear on your goals you will accomplish anything you set your mind to.

So what are you waiting for??! Are you going to get out there today and make something happen or are you going to keep letting life happen to you?