Through most of my life I was the quiet, shy girl. The girl who would sit in meetings and not speak up, the girl who would have something to say or to offer and wouldn’t chime in.

Little did people know I wanted so badly to give my input, but I always held myself back!

I would get this anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach and my body would be screaming at me to say what I had to say and for so long I didn’t!

I constantly argued with myself whether I should voice my truth or my opinions and in the end each time I would decide it just wasn’t worth it.

I never did feel like I could be big and bold because I thought who will care anyway? Why will anyone care what I have to say?

I didn’t ever want to make anyone uncomfortable, forget the fact that I was uncomfortable, but making someone else uncomfortable was out of the question. It made me nervous, like sweaty nervous and anxious.

So for many many years I didn’t voice my truth. I stayed quiet. But silently inside I was DYING to say and express what I wanted.

And over the years as I’ve started sharing more of myself it feels damn good!

I feel proud of the woman I am. I have accomplished a lot in my life despite the odds being stacked against me and I decided that I would thrive!

Lately I’ve been playing around with the term ‘extra’ and I think all these new buzzwords are funny, but this word resonates because I’ve so never been ‘extra,’ but I have been lately!

I’ve been saying what I want, working on what I want, letting my feelings and thoughts be known, I’ve been going extra with hair, nails, and makeup, and it’s been fun!

I’m so over holding myself back in fear of what others will think, so over not letting my light shine, so over not feeling confidence in my damn good abilities to be a therapist and coach, and just ready to fucking rise up!

This kind of confidence to share and show up fully 100% as you all starts within, girls!

Start showing who you are, start speaking up!

The time and the moment is now, there is no reason to step foot into 2018 lacking any confidence in yourself and your skills!



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