Can we stop for a moment and acknowledge how hard change is, really hard, right? Whether it’s personal, professional, within and without our control, it’s difficult. But what is it about change that makes it so difficult? For me, it’s a combination of things. It’s the unknown of what’s to come; it’s stepping out of my comfort zone and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, it’s the fact that I now need to step out of my habitual state to form new habits and seek new experiences.

Lately, I’ve been going through a lot of change both personally and professionally and while it’s exciting at times, it’s also very scary! It’s one of those inevitable things we must go through, but ask most people and they will tell you they resist change because of the fear of the unknown! I can always tell I’m going through a transitional period when I start worrying, getting anxiety, pull away from my healthy lifestyle and exercise, and I turn inward. Knowing this about myself I’ve been able to develop ways to get through times of transition.

  1. Give yourself a couple days off from your normal schedule to process. Many of us have a to- do list a mile long running through our heads and sometimes you have to say “screw the list” and give yourself time to relax! Do something you love, have a treat meal, get a massage, take time for self-care. Self-care is so important to living a healthy and well balanced life.
  2. Meditate! I don’t set a specific time or limit myself to a single mantra, but I do sit in silence for the amount of time I feel I need and I think about life and what I want for myself. If I want to gain more clients I focus on ALREADY having the clients, the key is to focus on what you want as if you already have it. If I want my body to look great in a bikini then I focus on being in that bikini with my rockin’ bod! Eventually you will have what you want! Send out those positive vibes!
  3. Write in your journal. When I put pen to paper and write down my thoughts and feelings there are usually things that come up that I didn’t know were bothering me. I gain clarity on what I’m going through and I feel SO much better getting it all out!
  4. Make a new goal list. I look at where I am in life, the accomplishments I’ve made, and where I’m going next. At the beginning of each year instead of resolutions I keep a running list of goals I have for myself. I have one list for what I want to accomplish this year and another with life goals. I find that getting the goals down on paper helps me commit to them and makes them more concrete. This list constantly gives me something to strive towards and I evaluate it several times throughout the year to see if all my goals are still relevant or if I need to add and subtract any.
  5. Get outside! I’ve noticed when I’m worrying and experiencing anxiety getting outside is one of the best ways to for me to de-compress! I usually zone out to some good music or a podcast while walking around the lake or sitting by the water and let the worry disappear. I often use this time to meditate as well. I will think about my life and focus on the positives to come.
  6. Exercise even if you don’t feel like it. We’ve all been there. We have good intentions of going to an exercise class or for a run, complete our Tone it Up or BBG workouts and for whatever reason we don’t follow through. This is the most important time to follow through! Not only will you feel better, you definitely won’t regret working out and you’ll probably gain some mental clarity.

Here’s to living life and embracing change!



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